Monday, 21 November 2011

Berlusconi's Resignation

(Source: EU-Russia Centre)

After such a long time in government Berlusconi officially resigns.
Silvio is a very clever entrepreneur that had a life journey we would all dream of. Studied law, was a diligent student, famous for selling his notes to fellow students, became the richest man in Italy and its Prime Minister.
What a great success story!
After a long left wing control over Italy, Berlusconi came to power when Italy needed a right wing change the most. Well, although this change lasted a bit longer than usual, now the question arising is, was it really a change? Did Berlusconi use the amount of power he achieved correctly?
Italy really believed in him, an entire country is now disappointed of his performance.
However, although he resigned he still seems to be involved in the country’s politics, as he still is engaged representing his party “The people of freedom”, it will be interesting to witness his next strategic moves. Apart from Berlusconi, who has seemed to attract a lot of the media’s attention, it can be stated that Italy’s economics are now testing whether Europe will either die or survive. Will the Euro currency achieve credibility again? Italy’s banks are becoming vulnerable, as the perception of the government’s insolvency comes closer. European politicians, in this case, are really under the global spotlight, observing whether they are capable of dealing with their debts and bring economic reform together. If our political class is not able to, perhaps we are entering a new “technocrat” era, when more and more unpopular people with “technical skills” run countries instead of long lasting charismatic leaders.  
The Italian Prime Minister represented the "Italian dream", he was the man every Italian would have liked to be: powerful, rich and surrounded by beautiful women. However this grand character also had some major weaknesses, such as his famous parties and passion for beautiful women, which in some occasions went a little too far. Sometimes I would think that there is nothing wrong for the Prime Minister to enjoy a very active social life; I found that we should all be allowed a private life as well. 
Having said that, Silvio's behaviour and especially political performance is no longer acceptable. Apart from this, it is very disturbing that a man that was so popular and had all the power he needed to make Italy a modern, competitive and innovative country, simply did not do so. 
Here below is the end of the "Italian dream" or perhaps "Italian nightmare": 
(BBC News Business)
So, what is Italy's problem? Why are politicians continuing to behave like they are not at the people's service? They seem to feel they are special and untouchable. 

Well, there is definitely enough room for improvement, who will take it on? It will have to be someone who has the charisma like Berlusconi to be recognized and become popular, but possibly with more determination to carry out the structural changes Italy really needs. Not an easy task.
Perhaps it is simply italian culture preventing real improvement, as people seem to be very good at protesting for change, but maybe not so good at facing what change may bring. Change also means big sacrifice and acting outside of one's comfort zone, which may not be well perceived by the italian population.
Although Italy has a very complicated territorial geography, it has the potential to become one of europe's greatest assets.
When will real improvement happen?
We will have to wait and see.

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